Algo Bridge Videos

1. Introduction to Amibroker

The video explains you how to use amibroker for a Beginner.

If you are new to Algo trading this guide will help you set up amibroker and scan and backtest your data and help you plot customized charts.

2. Open low high scanner full automatic trading

The video explains you how Purpletrades bridge works on Open-high-low scanner. And with lightning speed executes trades and books profits.

Watch video to understand in detail about automation using Amibroker.

3. How to set up Cloud for Algo Trading - Part 1

This video will explain you how to set up your Amazon AWS Cloud to automate trading on VPS.

4. How to set up Algo bridge on Cloud VPS

After setting up your Cloud, now install all the files and Amibroker on cloud and automate trading system.

5. How to get Upstox API Secret Key and Password in 2 minutes

Get API Secret and key in Upstox trading account in less than 2 minutes.

6. How to automate your Existing AFL for Automated Algo-trading

This video will help you automate your existing AFL with our Algo bridge by adding auto-code at the end.


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