Amibroker Integration with Our Algobridge

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Amibroker is one of the most popular algo-trading platforms used in the Indian market. We use amibroker with our Algobridge for automated algotrading.

To automate trades using Amibroker via our algobridge, check the integration in simple steps:

By default Amibroker is stored in this path:

C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker

If your default path for amibroker is same as mentioned above, our bridge will automatically detect it and integrate with it.

Once the integration is successful when we click on start trading in our bridge.

We get the following message:

Amibroker Integration test: OK

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However, if you have installed it in a different path, amibroker installation would fail.

Sometimes even if you have installed in the correct path amibroker installation might fail.

To manually configure Amibroker integration,

We will have to manually give the path in our Bridge

Go to:

Tools>>>application settings>>>>signal source

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Check the default path, if it doesn’t match your amibroker path, click on the blue box as shown in the picture and set your amibroker path and save settings.

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Now click on Start trading again, and your integration test will be successful.

Watch the full explanation video here:


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