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Its very simple. You just need to open a demat account with a registered brokerage house and transfer funds in the demat, once funds start reflecting in your demat, you can buy/sell stocks as per your analysis. To open a demat account you must have these documents: Pan card ID proof (Aadhar card/ election card/ Driving licence/ passport etc) Cancelled Cheque Latest 6 months bank...
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Stop loss is usually calculated by determining support and resistance. we see previous support levels when we are into buy position, and that support zone will be our stop loss. And if we are into short position, resistance levels will be our target. Consider this example : Tatamotors came down till 415, (marked as 1) It went up taking support, thus it is said to be...
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Yes Intraday is profitable and also risky but you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of this technique Advantage: Less margin is required to trade compared to delivery trading. No worries about the influence of global news over next day, you can sleep peacefully, without worrying about events like BREXIT as you dont have any holdings. You can capture small movement lot of time...
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Sensex and Nifty 50 are two major indices of the country. Sensex comprises of 30 most important stock of our country and are given weightage according to their capitals. Nifty 50 as the name suggests is an index of 50 selected companies. Now, there is a calculation which calculates the average movement of all the stocks listed under a specific index and according to that...
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Very simple strategy to choose stocks intraday. Firstly choose only whose stocks whose market cap is above 300 billion, in Indian market. Only such stocks have good volumes and are ideal for intraday. You can check the market cap of each stock in google finance Once you filter such stocks, next back test them with technical indicators which you are most comfortable with. I usually...
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