Is this fall an investing opportunity??

Published on March 12, 2020

With Nifty falling more than 1000 points and finally entering the 4 digits to 9500, Indian market saw blood bath as almost all the stocks of all segment crashed down heavily.

Nifty saw a fall almost 10%, so did banknifty.

If you had holding of stocks, the chances are its in a big negative.

And if you are planning to invest more or confused what to do, well here is our suggestion:

Markets are down not only due to corona virus but also due to growing recession. Global markets are facing economy slowdown and loss of employment due to AI overtaking manual inputs.

And this fall is not just the end, we can expect a bigger slide in coming days. But India being an emerging market still promises a bright tomorrow and as investor it is a good investing opportunity. If you have invested in Equity, Mutual Funds, SIP or any equity linked product kindly don’t invest anything extra. Continue your Blue-chip SIP and pause your Midcap and Small cap SIP for now. If you don’t have major investment in equity try to buy these blue-chip stocks a little quantity every 15 days.

If you have 20,000 INR to invest per month in equity to catch good stocks here are our suggestion:

  • Buy 2 shares of Reliance CMP 1063
  • Buy 2 shares of HDFCBANK CMP 1021
  • Buy 1 share of Kotak Mahindra Bank CMP 1465
  • BUY 1 share of TCS CMP 1769
  • BUY 1 Share of BATAINDIA CMP 1411
  • BUY 5 of JSW STEEL CMP 203.20

Total investment around 10,000 INR.

Repeat this every 15 day.

Keep Accumulating stocks for few months on average prices to build a healthy portfolio.

When market would recover, we can expect good returns on this basket of stocks.

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