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Published on July 11, 2019

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Optimised EMA

This is the modified version of Normal EMA crossover with lots of math logic to optimize entry and exit.

Firstly we check the distance between the crossover and the candle formed at the time of the crossover, if the distance is more, we ignore the signal as It tends to spoil our Risk-reward ratios.

Also, we initiate a trade when High/low of the candle which gave crossover is broken.

SL can be in terms of Points or percentage or crossover of moving average.

The target can be in terms of Points or Percentage, we have 2 targets here.

At tgt1 partial exit is done, and remaining is trailed till tgt2 is achieved.

The strategy looks like this in Amibroker.

Ex: If the buy is generated at 215,

Let’s say 100 shares are bought at 215 rs, and tgt1 is 219 and tgt2 is 222.

So at 219, say 40 shares will be booked, rest 60 shares will be trailed till 222 is reached.

However, if you don’t want 2 targets, you can change it to single target also./p>

We can customize the range of distance between Crossover and candle, Moving averages, square off time.

We can also set no trade after a certain time, beyond which, no fresh entries will be triggered.

The strategy works very well in trending days in bluechip stocks.

Get this AFL and complete setup Guide at INR 3999 ONLY/-

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Watch the Entire explanation of the strategy here:

Watch the working of this strategy in Live markets here:


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