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Your first step in world of stocks!

This course is for those who are intrested in investing/trading in stock market but doesnot have any idea about it.
In this course we will take you through the journey of a normal startup going big and finally deciding to go public and entering into atock market.
We will explain you the procedure and its importance in depth.
Starting from IPO to a stock entering into exchange (NSE/BSE). 


The course will also help you understand the price action of the stock and jagrons like dividend, bonus, splits etc will
be explained in depth along with its importance.

We will also see about different trading platforms like Derivatives ( Futures and options) and commodity market.


  • Introduction to stock market
  • Introduction to Equity market
  • Introduction to derivatives market
  • Introduction to commodity market

Capital Markets Specialist

Kushal Jain

Chief Executive Officer


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