Zerodha API

This documentation will help you understand how to create your Zerodha Kite API and how to get API Key and Secret.

To generate Zerodha API visit this link:

The web-page would look like this:

Covid Cases Nifty

Click on Signup button and you will be re-directed to this page:

Covid Cases Nifty

Enter the details and submit it.

Before we create API Key and secret, we will first make payment of INR 2000.

As highlighted, click on Billing.

Click on add credits and make payment of INR 2000.

We will get payment successful message after payment.

Now click on My apps as highlighted to create your API.

You will be re-directed to this page:

Click on Create a new app

Add these details:

Zerodha Client ID: ##Your zerodha ID##
Redirect URL:
POSTBACK URL: NA (Leave it blank)
Description: NA (Leave it blank)

And click on create/submit.

For final confirmation, you will have to type.

I UNDERSTAND in the pop-up window.

Your API is now ready and you will get your API KEY:

Now we will take API Secret.

Click on Purpletrades app created and you will be re-directed to fetch App details:

Click on Show API Secret

Copy API KEY and API SECRET and paste it in our algo—bridge.

Caution: API Secret and Key is confidential detail, it can give access to your trading and Demat holding information. Do not share it with anyone.

Purpletrades will never ask you for your API KEY/SECRET.

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