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Have a strategy ? Get it coded

Best price in India

Fully automated AFL

3000+ AFL already developed

Scan and back test enabled AFL

On time delivery of codes

DLL to lock and sell your code available

What is AFL ? Am new to Amibroker

AFL stands for Amibroker formula Language, it is basically an exclusive language for amibroker to help you code your algorithms to scan, backtest, optimize and automate

Do I need to know coding to use Amibroker or AFL Codes

Amibroker is a tool to convert your strategies into logical algorithms, if you are a coder, you can create your own custom strategies.
However, if you are from the non-programming background and want to use ready-made codes, you don’t need any programming background. You can just plug and play with AFL codes available. However, to edit them you will need a basic understanding of programming language.

Do you have ready made AFL for me ?

We have a lot of template and custom AFL. If you are a beginner and want to try out basic codes contact us and our team shall assist you with template codes or custom strategies to get you strated

Will Algo-trading give me assured profits?

Algo-trading is basically trading based on logic. Logics are developed by humans, so irrespective if whether you trade using Algorithms or manual trading the results will be same, the only advantage in Algo trading is we are removing human intervention.
So, NO algorithm in the world can assure you profits, however, we can increase the probability using Algorithms

I dont know much about stock market, should I try algo trading?

The answer is strict NO, in case you are a beginner we would strongly recommend you to first try your hands on manual trading develop the understanding of different types of trading techniques and build a profitable system, once you start making consistent income, switch to algo-trading using the same logic.

Do you teach amibroker and AFL Coding?

No, we only assist you with AFL Codes and help you automate your trades. You would have to learn Amibroker independently.
However, we do assist you in installing Amibroker and have lots of video on our youtube channel to help you get started

How much money should I have in my trading account to start Algo-trading

There are no such criteria, however, you can start with as minimum as 5000 INR just to experiment and as you progress you can keep adding more funds as per your risk appetite.

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