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Not everyone can master everything. Well, some are good at intraday, others are good in swing trades and rest make money in investment. It is very important to understand which style suits you the most and with which style you are more compatible with. But before that, do check whether the analysis you do on stock, is it really working? Are the stocks or index...
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This is one big question which almost every amateur traders, who are very new to stock world, and cant hold nerves of the market. I would say, entering in this field without knowledge or only a bit of knowledge is very very risky, it can wipe out your hard earned money in no time. A trader becomes pro only when he/she knows all the techniques...
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The best way to minimize your loss and maximize your gains is to be a disciplined trader. Trading is an art and you need to spend time on developing skills, and improve from every mistake you commit. Cross check a trade by 3–4 indicators which you feel are the best and then take entry. Keep strict stop loss and targets. Never let emotions influence your...
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To be a trader in derivatives you should have a rough idea of the factors which can influence your trades. There are terms like premium, discount and other things that matters a lot. Also you should check the difference between face value of a stock in equity and in future and accordingly decide whether it is good or not. And if you are trading in...
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Yes you can definitely buy Call (CE) AND pe (PE) of the same stock on same day. If you buy at the money strikes ATM CE + ATM PE This strategy is called as Long straddle, such strategies are used only when you are expecting a huge move in the market due to any event or announcement but are not sure in which direction. You...
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