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AFL Codes
 Optimized Open High low strategy Open High low strategy is one of the popular and very common strategies among traders. The basic logic of This strategy is : When Open = High of the first candle (of any time frame) Go short on open of 2nd candle. And SL is High + 0.05 of the...
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Optimized EMA
Optimised EMA This is the modified version of Normal EMA crossover with lots of math logic to optimize entry and exit. Firstly we check the distance between the crossover and the candle formed at the time of the crossover, if the distance is more, we ignore the signal as It tends to spoil our Risk-reward...
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Initial Range breakout strategy This strategy as the name suggests would trigger entry and exit when the high/low of the specified time frame is broken. If the high is broken, a Long entry will be initiated and if low is broken, a short entry will be initiated. Target and SL can be set in points...
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Multi Super trend This strategy uses 3 super-trend to enter and exit. Entry: When all 3 super-trend gives buy signal/sell signal, only then the trade will be taken in that direction. Exit: When all 3 super-trend gives sell signal/buy signal only then the trade will be taken in that direction. This is an exit and...
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RSI DIVERGENCE AFL This AFL generates Buy/sell signal when it sees a divergence in the stock price and RSI Line. Buy signal is generated for Bullish RSI Divergence. Sell signal is generated for Bearish RSI Divergence. Bullish Divergence and Bearish Divergence looks like this on Amibroker : Features : Scan enabled RSI parameter can be...
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