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You might have heard of several types of mats – doormat, yoga mat, study mat, diplomat, GMAT etc. But today we are going to talk about none of those. Because the mat we are talking about is Minimum Alternate Tax. As you already know, companies do business. By doing business they earn something called profit. At...
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The game we all know and love. You are that affable little yellow circle with a mouth. You are running away from multi coloured ghosts while trying to collect the small white dots. But every once in a while you eat a large white dot. Boom. It’s time to show who’s the boss. The ghosts turn dark...
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Petrodollar System In the early 1970s, the final vestiges of the international gold-backed dollar standard, known as the Bretton Woods arrangement, had collapsed. Many foreign nations, who had previously agreed to a gold-backed dollar as the global reserve currency, were now having seriously mixed feelings toward the arrangement. Nations like Britain, France, and Germany determined that...
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What is UPI? UPI or Unified Payments Interface is a mobile based payment service that directly transfers money from bank account to bank account. Is it like PayTM or MobiKwik? No. It is far better. These are 3rd party applications or “mobile wallets” which involve ‘loading’ money and ‘unloading’ to or from bank accounts. Often...
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SBI split its share in 1:10 ratio and thus its value went down by 10 times, it doesnt mean that investor has lost his money suppose X has bought 100 shares at 2900 rs, his investment is 290000 after split in 1:10, his holding will hike from 100 to 1000 shares so his net value...
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