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Does the concept of the top 5 gainers and top 5 losers to buy and sell work all the time for intraday trading?

PurpleTrades > Blog > Stock market > Does the concept of the top 5 gainers and top 5 losers to buy and sell work all the time for intraday trading?

Hi, I have actually never tried anything like that, but I keep getting the same question again and again.

Not necessarily everytime top-gainer and top looser will continue to move as such the entire day, many times the move can be exact opposite also and can cause you heavy losses.

Here are few simple steps to identify if the top gainer/loser will sustain as such the entire day or not:

  1. Go to NSE INDIA and check for TOP GAINERS/LOSERS.

The list will look like this :

2. Check the direction of nifty, If nifty is positive, focus on top gainers, if nifty is negative, focus on top losers. In my example, nifty is negative so I will choose the top loser.

3. Check  http://elmechstructuralengineering.com/category/othersfun-2/ open, high and low of the script, if  go site open = low, and its top gainer, chances are that it may continue to be top gainer for the day, similarly, If  Deltasone 10 mg open = high, chances are there that it may continue to be a top loser for the day.

I have noticed open = high in Adani ports, which is also a top loser in NSE for the day.

3. Check technical indicators like EMA, CANDLESTICKS, MACD both for intraday and long-term and if both are positive that would aid top gainer, if both are negative, that would aid top looser.

  1. Also, check why is a particular script top gainer or looser ?, is it due to some news related to a company, or is it just because of an overall trend of the market.

After analyzing these points you are filtering out scripts and narrowing down to few scripts, and a probability of that working in your favor would increase.

I hope the strategy would help you trade with more accuracy, for any further doubts feel free to comment.

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