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Planning is key to achieve goals


If an option was given between exclusively appointing someone or having experts help you out with financial advising to achieve your future goals, what would you choose?

The choice seems obvious.

Purpletrades believe that moral policing and spreading awareness is a way we can help and connect with the society and bring about a change in the financial stability in the economy. And hence, we take this step forward by providing gratuitous financial planning which is open to all. 

We imagine that no goal can be achieved without strategic and accurate planning. Financial planning is not only to showcase the client’s current financial status but also to recommend them as to what changes they need to inculcate to convert your dreams into reality. We follow a series of steps to accomplish the above.

  • Expenditure-savings assessment: Getting authorized access to your monthly income-expenditure, current assets, present financial protections, the detailed description of goals, etc., and accumulating it.
  • Growth analysis: our representatives will examine and calculate your growth of earning after considering factors like change predicted inflation rate, etc.
  • Final plan: after verification, a report is presented which includes-corrections on savings, manage savings to funds, cut-down on the expenditure etc., to reach the assured goal.
  • Recommendations: we bring out the importance of increasing the value of money and its worth over time. And hence, outline the various funds, avail tax benefits, and opportunities which will help to protect your savings and its worth.
  • Regulation: With regular performance tracking, monitoring and modulating the investments will make optimum returns and convert our words into action.
  • Introduction to stock market
  • Introduction to Equity market
  • Introduction to derivatives market
  • Introduction to commodity market

Capital Markets Specialist

Kushal Jain

Chief Executive Officer

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