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How do I choose stocks for intraday trading?

PurpleTrades - stock market courses > Blog > Stock market > How do I choose stocks for intraday trading?

Very simple strategy to choose stocks intraday.

Firstly choose only whose stocks whose market cap is above 300 billion, in Indian market. Only such stocks have good volumes and are ideal for intraday.

You can check the market cap of each stock in google finance

Once you filter such stocks,

next back test them with technical indicators which you are most comfortable with.

I usually follow super trend and moving average crossover for intraday.

In this way you will have a list of stocks which are good to trade exclusively for you as per your indicators.

Keep trading into those stocks and you will generate good idea of how to catch momentum and what are major support and resistance levels of those stocks, this will help you trade with a greater accuracy.

Hope this helps you.

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