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Live Trading Desk

Sit with our experts and make money live!

It becomes essential for an investor to understand the practicality of ‘purchasing power’. While making realistic investments, investors come across various problems including analyzing between long-term stocks and short-term stocks, find the right quality traders, lack of control over emotions etc. PurpleTrades removes all such problems by conducting live trading sessions in accordance with the Expert Advice. Greed and Fear are the two emotions which must be balanced, and one must have a control over it during the first few investments which can only be rectified with right mentorship. By creating a community consisting of your peers, we build a stage for innovative ideas and positivity for the new investors.

Elders and Board of Directors play an important role in making life-changing decisions in the field of personal and corporate life respectively and ‘Experience’ being their common and essential collaboration. We believe that this knowledge of experience must be shared. Live trading desk is the practical implementation of the sessions conducted with expert mentorship which is a must to become a pro-trader.

  • Expert guidance for each trade
  • Live Hedging and advanced trading
  • Live generating entry and exit signals
  • Portfolio review by experts of ZEE-BUSINESS

A Team
Of Professionals.

Sit with our team and experience live trading with greater accuracy.

Analyze Your Portfolio

Get suggestions from our experts on your portfolio and learn hedging live.

Capital Markets Specialist

Kushal Jain

Chief Executive Officer

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