Multi Super trend (Read More and Buy)

This strategy uses 3 super-trend to enter and exit.

Entry: When all 3 super-trend gives buy signal/sell signal, only then the trade will be taken in that direction.

Exit: When all 3 super-trend gives sell signal/buy signal only then the trade will be taken in that direction.

This is an exit and reverse strategy i.e. as the trend changes, the trade will also change and continue,

Meaning at any time position will be open.

Example: If the strategy generates Buy signal, and say 100 shares were bought, on next exit signal,

There will be 2 trades of 100 shares :

A sell to Square-off previous Buy position, and

A short to initiate a new short position.

Meaning, Buy and Cover would come together and sell and short would come together.

However, the strategy has the option to disable the long/short position.

When Long is disabled, the only short position will be initiated and squared-off at reversal.

When Short is disabled, only Long position will be initiated and squared-off at reversal.

Note: Since super-trend is a repainting indicator, it is advised to take a trade at the close of the candle(candle completion) to avoid entry in fake signals.

Features :
  • Works on any time frame
  • All 3 super trend parameters can be customized
  • Scan feature enabled.
  • Auto-code integrated for 100% automated trading setup.


  • Aashtad

    the strategy talks about 3 super trend but in video only one super trend is shown
    i cannot understand the afl code req to pls explain

    • PurpleTrades

      We have two AFL, one for multi super trend and other for single supertrend.
      However, we have currently created video only on single supertrend. A detailed explanation of multiple supertrend is available on the website.

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