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Auto-trade FAQ

My code is correct, but my scan is not running properly?

Some AFL has special entry and exit criteria which doesn’t work in Amibroker Scan and doesn’t yield the correct result. If your entry in on next candle based on the closing of the previous candle, chances are that amibroker cannot understand and it might give false signals.

This would be more clear with the following example :

Consider we have multi-super trend strategy, where entry and exit is generated on the close of the candle where supertrend gives reversal.

The strategy appears on amibroker this way :

You can see here 3 supertrend lines, when all cross together, it generates buy or sell signal at the close of the candle where the crossover takes place, now this type of entry is called Delayed entry on candle close, so normal scan may give you result on historical data

But when we run on the latest data it shows zero results because we are scanning it on live data, but the strategy has Delayed entry on candle close,

To solve this problem, simply add our extended code at the end of your AFL, then in parameters a new option of delayed signal would be visible, click on it and select Candle close and apply it and run the scan, your AFL will now give you live signal results.

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