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What is ALGO Trading?

Algorithmic trading (automated trading, black-box trading or simply algo-trading) is the process of using computers programed to follow a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader. The defined sets of rules are based on timing, price, quantity or any mathematical model.


Why should I choose ALGO Trading?

ALGO Trading gives you the freedom to not be physically present to monitor stocks and take trades.

ALGO Trading eliminates the factor of human emotions from trading, hence trades will be taken strictly on pre-defined algorithms rather than impulses.

ALGO Trading will help you benefit from the market’s movement even when you are busy with other work.

In the big picture ALGO Trading creates high volatility in the market which is good for traders.

ALGO Trading helps you to generate high frequency trades i.e. multiple trades within a specific time frame. This is impossible manually for any Retail Investor.



What does the ALGO System trade in?

Our ALGO Trading software allows you to trade in all asset classes including Equity, Stock Futures, Stock Options, Index Futures, Index Options Currencies and Commodities.


Which broker will I be using in this ALGO Trading software?

You can choose any broker but by default we trust Upstox due to it’s higher reliability and faster real time execution and better user interface.



Do I need to stay online when using algo trading in India for daytrading ?

With semi-automated ALGO trading system you need to be online to manually confirm order placing to exchange. On fully automated ALGO trading system no supervision is required.


Do I need to know any programming to start ALGO Trading with Purple Trades?

Absolutely not. The entire system is a user-friendly software and needs no prior knowledge about any programming languages. Also the Indicators and tools are set up with pre-defined risk-reward ratio for optimum outputs.


How many trades does it take for me?

Our ALGO Trading system has the capability to take hundreds of  trades in a minute based on whether the parameters set by the client are met in a particular watch list of stocks.


Do I need to know anything about trading before using ALGO Trading software?

Although our ALGO Trading software requires no manual presence for trading but it is always advisable to gain knowledge about the subject on which your software is based upon so that your decision making not only improves but also helps you understand what is happening and why it is happening. Our experts in PURPLE TRADES  will guide you through the entire process which will ensure that you are more comfortable with the entire system.


Are there separate brokerage charges applicable for ALGO trading orders ?

No. You will only be charged according to your existing brokerage charges.


What type of orders are supported by our ALGO Trading system?

ALGO trading orders supports market, limit, stop loss, bracket orders etc. The user has the choice to manually define the parameters of these orders.


Can I use my own trading strategies on this platform?

Why not? You can tell our programmers the parameters you would want to set and they will customize the platform accordingly. Otherwise you can use our own trusted strategy which will provide you with profits in a systematic manner.


Can I do ALGO Trading from my mobile?

As of now our ALGO Trading platform doesn’t have a mobile application but we are working on it. However you can set-up the entire system on cloud and monitor it on any smart device.


Can I see my trades taken through ALGO Trading system on my mobile phone when I am outside?

Definitely! You just have to Login in to your Demat account via your mobile app and you can then see all the trades that our system is taking on your behalf.


What if the market moves in the opposite direction of our trade?

No need to worry as with the help of predefined stop loss you can limit your losses to a minimum whereas you can let your profits run as long as you want.


Where does our ALGO Trading software get live data from?

Our ALGO Trading software gets live data from a lot of data vendors few of them are –

True data, amifeed, amifeeder, pro-data etc.



How much capital do I need to start use our ALGO Trading system?

There is no upper or lower limit to the amount of capital you’ll be needing to use our ALGO Trading software. You can add as much capital as you require.



How long will it take to see results?

Although you can see your trading results daily but we advise you to compare those results on monthly or yearly basis. Let your Investments grow. However using backtest you can forecast the results by running your strategy on historical database.



How much returns can I expect if I use your ALGO Trading software?

Purpletrades does not guarantee any pre-defined returns, however our strategy has given a yield of 67% Anuual returns in last 6 months performance.  Although in future, returns are subjected to market conditions.  



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