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Course Includes

  • Code templates for 25+ working Algo.
  • 25+ additional strategy variations covered through assignments
  • 1-on-1 personal support
  • Learn trading via python without third-party data vendors (Save Minimum 18000 INR Per year)



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2 Months Exclusive support

Get 1-on-1 personal support
Get 360 degree exposure to strategy formulation
Expert assistance  on  python library
Live charting
Live trading

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Register today and get Python for beginner course free
Course will be from 15th May-15th July

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Savings worth INR 60,000

  •       Save up to INR 18000 per year on Data
  • Get 1 year Algo-bridge Free worth 15000 INR
  • No need of third party software like Amibroker, MT4 Save up to INR 25000 Per year


Register today and get Python for beginner course free
Course will be from 15th May-15th July

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Python For Profitable Algos 

  • Unleash the power of World’s most popular programming language.
  • Enrol in Fully automated algotrading Course and learn to automate your trades by implementing strategies with higher accuracy.
  • Backtest and implement strategies as per your choice
  • Learn a skill which will help you for a lifetime!!!

Education Partner : 

  • Algoji Enterprises pvt ltd.

India’s premier algo development company for trading across different markets and development in latest technologies

Why should I take this course?

This is India’s first practical course on python trading. You can learn how to use open-source technology for your trading. You can save a lot of money from paid software like Amibroker and paid data vendors.

Are you giving profitable strategies in Python Ans Strategies that we give you have been proven profitable historically.

However, there are no guarantees of future profits! you will need to do your research as well.

Can I code supertrend strategy in python after taking this course? what about renko strategy?

We will give you framework to code strategies in 120 popular technical indicators. However, beyond that, you will have to work on your own.
Charting systems like Candlesticks, Renko, P&F are not covered in coursse. All stratgeies shown on Line charts.

Can I run the strategies provided by you without programming knowledge?

No, you will need intermediate programming knowlege to run strategies

Are you covering option greeks in this course?

No, option greeks need advanced mathematics and are covered in separate course

Is Python a replacement of Amibroker? Which is better?

Comparing Python and Amibroker is like comparing oranages and apples. Both have their strenghts and limitations

I find it too hard to learn coding. Can you help me to algo trade without any strategy codes?

Yes, you can subscribe to our strategy signals using APIBridge. Contact for details.

Can you tell me more on how can I save money from data vendors? How do I get free data in Python

We will teach you how to subcribe to live market data using different broker APIs. You can save this live market data for your indicator calculations. Note that APIs do not allow historical data backfill, you can only fetch live data and save it to historical database. However, API data is much faster and accurate then data recieved from data vendor.

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Our courses are customized as per your requirement. We as of now have BASIC, ADVANCED , TECHNICAL and FUNDAMENTAL COURSE. We will soon be coming up with many other course in the world of finance.


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Our goal is to create an equality based market where individuals have the power of awareness and are able to make informed decisions before investing. 

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