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Planning is key to achieve goals

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order Pregabalin online We all plan ahead.  Be it a weight loss plan, a holiday, an excursion or even school Time Table! It’s important to have an outline for your tasks ahead and well finances if unplanned spells TROUBLE.

Planning for your finances ahead not only gives you a feeling of being organised and secure, but also a possibility of growing your wealth.  Investments need to be chosen based on your needs and requirement and hence is variable to an extent.
Below are the questions and statements that comprise Financial Planning:
1. What are your financial goals?
2. What is your current financial positions (assets, expenses etc) and how can you improve the same (growth)?
3. Life stages and retirement planning.
4. Advantages of professional advice (prevention better than cure).
5. Portfolio monitoring.
6. Information and services from your financial/ investment adviser.
So it’s time to pull up your socks and start taking care of your financial health.
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  • Introduction to stock market
  • Introduction to Equity market
  • Introduction to derivatives market
  • Introduction to commodity market

Capital Markets Specialist

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