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Live Trading Desk

Sit with our experts and make money live!

1c8d2c55dd074ac47b0a7310ceb9dadd Want to trade in stock market but are afraid if trade goes wrong ?
Well now trade under the supervision of our experts and terack market move in details by sitting beside them.
A beginner becomes pro-trader faster if he learns practically from our experts, and that is why we have designed, trading desk.
You can come and trade live with us from 9:15AM-3:30PM and all of your trades will be monitored by our team, so you can take best position in market and
catch all good rallies.

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We will also teach you live Hedging and advanced trading strategies live by executing in front of you to showcase how to minimise your losses and maximise your gains.
We will explain you how to keep track of your portfolio and which news to follow and how to take actions based on them.
This will boost your learning pace and help you take correct trades and maintain a good risk-reward ratio.

  • Expert guidance for each trade
  • Live Hedging and advanced trading
  • Live generating entry and exit signals
  • Portfolio review by experts of ZEE-BUSINESS

A Team
Of Professionals.

go site Sit with our team and experience live trading with greater accuracy.

Analyze Your Portfolio

Get suggestions from our experts on your portfolio and learn hedging live.

Capital Markets Specialist

Kushal Jain

Chief Executive Officer


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