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Learn at your preferred timing.

We have designed the course into various modules, so a user can get customized portions of the knowledge he/she is seeking for.
The classes will all be held go 1-on-1 at your buy Lyrica medicine preferred timing so that learning stock-market becomes easier than ever.

For beginners we have http://hollywoodbjj.com/news/hbjj-winter-grading-adults-gallery/ BASIC MODULE, which enlightens the evolution of stock market, need of investment and introducing you to various
platforms to trade and invest in.
The course will completely guide you inside out of Equity and derivative market, its rules and regulations, basic terminologies and how to manage wealth.

This is an intensive course aimed and making you good at trading (specially intraday). The main focus will be to make you a pro-trader by understanding how to make
money in every sitution, how to hndle ups and down, how to hedge your positions i.e minimize your losses and maximize your gains.
The course will teach you howw to convert losing positions into winning ones by balancing your equity investment with derivatives.

EXPERT MODULE (Technical Analysis Module)
After learning all the calculations of how to manage and trade, the next module focuses on when to trade i.e when to enter and exit ?
This module focuses on TECHNICAL ANALYSIS, where we teach you 10+ Indicators and Theories like Candlesticks, EMA, MACD, RSI, double top and bottom etc.
Also the web based charting platforms and drawings will be taught to you, so you can generate your own BUY/SELL signal and trade with a higher accuracy.
The course will enable a user to forecast trends and trade accordingly with a greater accuracy.

Finally the practical implementation of all the course will be done on TRADING DESK !!

We believe that only theory is not enough to make a user become good at wealth creation, we all need a mentor to guide us practically and
show in real time how money is made. Thus we provide an opportunity for everyone who takes up any of the course to sit with our experts
and trade with us and make money LIVE !!

We welcome you to be a part of our family and wish to grow together !!

A Team
Of Professionals.

All courses our tutors are NSE CERTIFIED, so you learn genuine courses from Experts.

Flexible timings

Learn the courses at your pace and at your convenient time. 

Course Information

Our courses are customized as per your requirement and the learning here is unlike any other institution where we teach and help you trade with intense care. We as of now have BASIC, ADVANCED , TECHNICAL and FUNDAMENTAL COURSE.
We will soon be coming up with many other course in the world of finance.

Our Key Points

What makes us different from others is our services after the course. We have a dedicated Whatsapp group for our students who can clarify all doubts at their fingertips. Also we provide updates of the global market so that our user remains updated every time.
Now get solutions to all your questions 24*7 at your finger tips

Free Services

We help you in many other areas of finance like opening of demat account, free financial planning, helping you manage your wealth
and helping you establish a career in this world.

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