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What are skills necessary for a derivatives trader?

PurpleTrades > Blog > Stock market > What are skills necessary for a derivatives trader?

To be a trader in derivatives you should have a rough idea of the factors which can influence your trades.

There are terms like premium, discount and other things that matters a lot.

Also you should check the difference between face value of a stock in equity and in future and accordingly decide whether it is good or not.

And if you are trading in options, then you should be aware of In the money, at the money, out of the money, and should know which ones to choose.

Also you should be aware of premium decay/ time decay and volatility factors.

you should be aware of option writing also.

Derivatives can also be used to hedge and make money.

Also event based strategies like strangle, straddle etc helps you make assured money irrespective of direction of the market.

Once you know these things, apply technicals and trade.

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