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My code is correct, but my scan is not running properly?

Some AFL has special entry and exit criteria which doesn’t work in Amibroker Scan and doesn’t yield the correct result. If your entry in on next candle based on the closing of the previous candle, chances are that amibroker cannot understand and it might give false signals.

This would be more clear with the following example:

Consider we have multi-super trend strategy, where entry and exit is generated on the close of the candle where supertrend gives reversal.

The strategy appears on amibroker this way:

You can see here 3 supertrend lines, when all cross together, it generates buy or sell signal at the close of the candle where the crossover takes place, now this type of entry is called Delayed entry on candle close, so normal scan may give you result on historical data

But when we run on the latest data it shows zero results because we are scanning it on live data, but the strategy has Delayed entry on candle close,

To solve this problem, simply add our extended code at the end of your AFL, then in parameters a new option of delayed signal would be visible, click on it and select Candle close and apply it and run the scan, your AFL will now give you live signal results.

Is ALGO-Trading possible for individual traders?

ALGO-Trading platforms are available all across the internet that allows an individual trader to access the benefits of ALGO-Trading. Most of the platforms available across the internet allows the traders to use their ALGO-Trading system but the major problem with those systems is that they are not flexible and do not allow the traders to make major changes in the algorithm and some of them only allow a trader to access the pre-defined algorithms set by those platforms. If you want to implement your own strategies from the go and want a personalized ALGO-Trading platform then call us at  +91-636-192-2946 or visit our website www.purpletrades.com.

What are the steps to start ALGO-Trading in India? Or How can I start ALGO-Trading?

There is only one step that you need to follow to start ALGO-Trading in India. Just give us a call at +91-636-192-2946. Here in Purple Trades we help you set up your own ALGO-Trading system with the help of our software. You just need to open the software and enter your credentials. After this click on “start trading” and let the software take trades on your behalf based on either your strategy or our own trusted strategy. Visit our website www.purpletrades.com for more information.

Can algorithmic trading systems beat human traders?

Although it hasn’t been proven anywhere that ALGO-Trading is superior than manual trading but obviously Automating our trades give us a much higher advantage than the average trader. Let us look at some advantages that an ALGO-Trader has over an average manual trader-

  • ALGO-Trading systems do not procrastinate for putting a stop loss whereas humans have the tendency to move the stop loss if the trade is not going in their favor. Machines unapologetically cut losses.
  • ALGO-Trading system has the ability to take trades at a high frequency. The ALGO-Trading software provided at Purple Trades possesses the ability to punch almost 40 trades a minute.
  • It becomes a tedious task sitting at one place for 6 hours and looking at the terminal for trades. On the other hand machines do not get tired and work at the same speed throughout the day.
  • Monitoring all the stocks listed on the NSE is next to impossible for an average trader, ALGO-Trading allows the user to take multiple trades across all the sectors by carefully implementing strategies.

Automate your trades, sit back and relax. Let our software PurpleTrades  take the trades based on your strategies or based on our own trusted strategies. For more info visit our website www.purpletrades.com or give us a call on +91-636-192-2946.

Why should I choose ALGO Trading?

ALGO Trading gives you the freedom to not be physically present to monitor stocks and take trades.

ALGO Trading eliminates the factor of human emotions from trading, hence trades will be taken strictly on pre-defined algorithms rather than impulses.

ALGO Trading will help you benefit from the market’s movement even when you are busy with other work.

In the big picture ALGO Trading creates high volatility in the market which is good for traders.

ALGO Trading helps you to generate high frequency trades i.e. multiple trades within a specific time frame. This is impossible manually for any Retail Investor.

What is ALGO Trading?

Algorithmic trading (automated trading, black-box trading or simply algo-trading) is the process of using computers programed to follow a defined set of instructions (an algorithm) for placing a trade in order to generate profits at a speed and frequency that is impossible for a human trader. The defined sets of rules are based on timing, price, quantity or any mathematical model.

Do I need to stay online when using algo trading in India for daytrading?

With semi-automated ALGO trading system you need to be online to manually confirm order placing to exchange. On fully automated ALGO trading system no supervision is required.

Do I need to know anything about trading before using ALGO Trading software?

Although our ALGO Trading software requires no manual presence for trading but it is always advisable to gain knowledge about the subject on which your software is based upon so that your decision making not only improves but also helps you understand what is happening and why it is happening. Our experts in PURPLE TRADES  will guide you through the entire process which will ensure that you are more comfortable with the entire system.

How much capital do I need to start use our ALGO Trading system?

There is no upper or lower limit to the amount of capital you’ll be needing to use our ALGO Trading software. You can add as much capital as you require.

How much returns can I expect if I use your ALGO Trading software?

Purpletrades does not guarantee any pre-defined returns, however our strategy has given a yield of 67% Anuual returns in last 6 months performance.  Although in future, returns are subjected to market conditions.

how can we help you?

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